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Our Mudroom Locker Hack

I was so excited when we found the mudroom in this house! One thing that is a MUST HAVE for me in an Minnesota Home is a mudroom. And if you are from anywhere in the north, you know why. This mudroom was dark and green, gross and had a lack of storage space. We toyed around with the idea of a bench and hooks but lets be realistic- does that really stay clean like those perfect pictures you find on pintrest?! Heck no, I wanted doors to shut away my mess and snowy boots. Lockers! Custom lockers are expensive however and Jakob was not about to spend the time and money making them. So to pintrest I went! I found some DIY's that had used the IKEA Pax system as a pantry but no one that had truly made them built-in lockers. I ran the idea by Jakob and off we went to IKEA.

At IKEA we were able to play with your in-store design program and came up with the perfect solution for the built-in locker look we wanted. We were able to add all the accessories and inside shelves (and toys) we wanted and it was as simple as printing of the paper, checking out, and picking them up from the special area they pull orders from.

Jakob and my brother Joshua put the lockers together, moved them into the mudroom, and then built the walls around them, truly giving us that finished built-in look we were going for. We have plans to plank the ceiling in a gray wood (that is why we haven't finished the top piece yet) but I am SO HAPPY with the finished product.

The storage space is UNREAL. We went with the taller size (93")- our ceiling allowed it and who doesn't love that grand look plus more storage?! We added some long black custom pulls and a black fun light from Lowes. I wanted to add black into this space to give it more of that modern farmhouse look we wanted to go for is this house, and these finishes did just the trick.

We scored our floors at HomeDepot and they put the icing on the cake for this room. We looked ALL OVER for tile, I was sick of it and it really takes a lot for me to get sick of looking at home products. We finally found these that were in the price point we had set and I almost want to buy more because I just LOVE them that much.

Brooks evens approves of the space. These lockers are easy to keep organized, hide our mess, and my gosh they even store that baby car seat that you never know where to put when it comes into the house! We didn't realize this until after we moved in and my GOSH that is work it in itself.

I think we hit a home-run in the mudroom. So much so that I would do it again, and probably will haha. What do you think?!


IKEA Pax System


Light Fixture





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