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Don't shine so that others can see. you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him. C.S. Lewis Introducing our new C.S. Lewis Leather Banner collection! We are huge fans of his work and are so excited to give you a beautiful product that can bring his wise words into your home.

These are are made of a nicely weighted 8 oz vegetable tanned leather and the artwork is burned with care into the leather. Since leather is a natural material, there might be variations in the burn and some parts of the letters might be darker than others. That's the beauty of handmade! Holes are cut in each corner to hang with whatever hardware you choose. We like to use white painted nails for a bright, minimal look.

Available in size 12 x20 NOTE: Since leather is a natural material there will be slight variations in color and markings. This is vegetable tanned leather and will darken a little as it ages.

See Him Leather Banner

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