Call me crazy- but I love cleaning. It’s that time of year- to start FRESH and organized. There is something so rewarding to me to clean and see instant change and progress! So I am sharing all my cleaning hacks and favorite products that I use in my own home. I am all about things that will save you time if your busy life and get the job done well. So here we go!
I start off cleaning my home with these dusters-
 They grab it all and are super easy and quick to use, the boys will even help me with this job!
My favorite sponges when things need a good scrub. BEST SPONGES EVER
 If you have littles- then you know you need to wipe down the walls, cabinets, well everything within reach because they have so much fun getting dirty and sharing that dirt all over. These sponges have a great scrub side that doesn’t leave residue or break down- that’s why they are my very favorite. And the second reason is because they are pretty and look good when I leave them out in my little cleaning dish beside my sink. Y’all know I love a pretty home and try to make pretty choices all over.
Another find in my sink cleaning dish situation are these wood handle scrubbers. While they are also pretty- they are so functional. I constantly grab them when a pot or pan needs a good quick scrub and their handle makes cleaning so easy.
Moving down to the floors, Jakob’s great grandmother owned a wood refinishing company and she swore by this soap and only this soap for your wood floors. So- I haven’t ever strayed. It seems to nourish the wood and not leave a residue- and smells clean and fresh.
And I use it with my most shopped link ever- MY FLOOR SCRUBBER. You guys know I LOVE this thing- and swear by it really. It cleans my floors so quick and easy and painless- that I will do it 2-3 times just because its so quick and does all the elbow scrubbing work for you.
The beloved Tik-Tok mop that is on my own wish list- it separates the dirty water from the clean water – SOLD. Here ya go- and thank me later.  
This small vacuum is so handy to keep in the car or in the kitchen for sucking out those drawers- and ps- it’s a pretty choice.
Looking for a stick vacuum? This one has great reviews and hard TWO batteries with a crazy amount of attachments. So slick for hard surface areas.
Alright, something that NEEDS to get done with my own spring cleaning- the hated job of window cleaning. I am ordering this window cleaning kit now because #functional and I know all these little brushes and sponges will make the job easier.
Bathrooms- yuck- Always needing a clean but I have some hacks for you.
These toilet wand scrubbers are my favorite because the brushes that stay in the plastic container that constantly tips over and collects yucky water are not an option in my house haha. These babies are so slick and easy and NO mess!
This grout cleaner machine! SOLD! It uses WATER you guys. Just water and its hot steam and brushes scrub that grout clean- work smarter not harder. AND if you pair it with this grout clean you will get amazing results. I spray it on- let it set for 5 minutes and then steam scrub the grout lines. Then wipe with a towel and you are good as new!
The final step in my cleaning day- because the house is looking all fresh and pretty- I diffuse my very favorite luxurious spa like scent in my favorite diffuser. THIS scent- its amazing and now is the scent of “home” to me.
I hope these hacks and products are as helpful to you as they are to me! Let me know what products you love-